805’s Handyman usually charges by the hour.

This way the customer is charged only for the time that we actually work. A customer will not be charged for time that we are not actually working on your project, such as taking a break for drinks, food and the occasional chat.

Also, you are not charged if we need to leave to purchase tools or special equipment that we may need for your project. You may be charged a fee, however, if we need to do extra shopping or run errands for special parts and services that are required to complete the job.

The smaller jobs that we specialize in do not lend themselves to estimates many times. If you give us a call, however, we can give you an idea of how long a job similar to yours would take.

If you are a home owner and I am going to need to come back to apply extra coats or sealers and the job can not be completed on one visit, an hour or two of discounted labor may be added by me with this type pricing to cover those time costs. Our handyman prices have several different levels to meet as many needs as we can for the variety of services that we perform. Our handyman prices vary by the job or by the hours, depending on how your work is quoted.

We have great handyman prices for everyone. When we leave your home, we want you to feel that you have received the best handyman services possible, at a price that is affordable to your business or family.

Thank you for inquiring about the pricing for 805’s Handyman. We believe our handyman prices are the best you will find anywhere. If you have any questions or concerns about our pricing or prices, you may always contact us.

Minimum Charges*: $ 75.00 (covers the first hour of labor)

Multiple Small Projects 4hr Day (Labor Only)*$ 210.00


  • $35.00 per hour for Discount Labor
  • $45.00 per hour for Standard Labor
  • $55.00 per hour for Premium Labor (Plumbing & Electric)

All these prices are for one worker.

For a helper, an additional $45.00 per hour is charged.

For each additional helper, an additional $35.00 per hour is charged.

Our pricing is subject to change without notice and according to availability. Prices may be lower or higher in some cases. Call or contact us with your project so that we can let you know what our current prices are.

The minimum charge covers any part of the first hour of diagnosis and/or repair.

  • Evening appointments are available for many handyman services. An additional 50% will be charged.
  • Handyman services that will take more than 4 hours will usually be a quoted job.
  • Individual / Single projects quoted separately over the phone and in person.
  • Most prices do not include cost of goods and materials for job.
  • Some travel cost may apply depending on distance to job
  • References and Photos available on request for some projects.

Discount Labor can be for any number of reasons. For example: Introduction to our services or promotional discounts; if we have quoted a price and there is something extra at the last minute that will be easy to fit into the job at that time, without creating any problems, or odd circumstances as defined by me. I may give you this type of break.

Standard Labor is if you have a job that needs to be done but are in no hurry and will allow me to fit your handyman services needs into my schedule at a convenient time. Sometimes discounted labor prices can apply here also.

Premium Labor will apply to applications and very specialized situations that require extra attention, special skills and labor. Electrical and plumbing jobs.

Payment Options. You may pay with cash, by check, or through PayPal with your credit card (+3.5%). Some jobs will require a down payment made up front if we have to purchase extra materials that may not be able to be returned.